Homemade *not processed* granola bars

No, I have not started actively planning what we are going to eat during our trip nine months from now. However, my friend and I made these amazing granola bars yesterday, and I am so impressed with them, I have decided they will be part of our Whitney menu.

Here is the recipe: http://friskylemon.com/2011/08/23/ironman-coco-nut-bars/. (I substituted dried blueberries for the goji berries, and orange-cranberries for the apricots.)

I love that these are not processed. Store-bought granola bars never fill me up either, but after having one of mine yesterday afternoon, I was so full I didn’t eat until four hours later, and even then I only could stomach a bowl of soup. So, hiking or not, I recommend these to anyone looking for a healthy, nutritious snack.