The stupidest blog ever

I chose to write this blog because I wanted to hike Whitney this year. It was my big goal. It was our big goal. Writing this was part of my commitment to that goal. I thought–if I write this and share with my friends, certainly I won’t back down. Their encouragement and my desire will propel me forward until late August comes and I spend 10 days with my husband climbing that majestic beast.

And then life threw us a curve ball.

At least it was a good one.

I cannot go into the details of this curve ball for two months, but I can say a huge professional growth opportunity presented itself and we pounced on it. So there. Maybe this is the stupidest blog ever because its author wrote of this huge commitment, huge journey, changes in lifestyle…. And then abandoned her cause for “professional growth.”

As Andy Irons once said: “Blah, blah blah, blah blah, blah blah…”

Well, Paola, maybe you could still be right. Maybe we’ll just have to hike it in 1-3 days instead of the 10. Let’s see….