Iron Mountain / A Great Gift / Ireland Calls

Last weekend I hiked Iron Mountain which is in eastern San Diego. It’s a 6-mile hike round trip. During summer months, you frequently see stories on the news about people being “rescued” after suffering heat stroke because they underestimated the heat and their water needs. During the winter months, it’s a beautiful but strenuous hike.

My friends Jill and Mike were my hiking partners that day. It’s a great way to spend a Saturday morning. 1.5 hours up, 45 minutes coming down.



A few days later, I was blessed to have a belated birthday dinner with my good friends. Paola bought me the coolest birthday present: An ultra-light mug/cooking pot/spork combo set that has a neoprene sleeve so you can take it right off the stove and drink immediately without burning your fingers. Thank you for your support Paola!

And one last note: Good goals travel fast. Tony received a call from his friend in Ireland tonight. John heard from our family about our planned Whitney ascent and is thinking about joining us this summer! John is the crazy guy who went swimming in the Atlantic in a red Speedo while Tony and I surfed southern Ireland–in January!!!! Needless to say, John has stamina and a sense of adventure!


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